Organic Herb Arugula Astro

Organic Herb Arugula Astro
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Arugula Astro

USDA Organic

This delicious green with its nutty (some say peppery) tasting leaves is a slightly milder selection than the standard. Leaves have a mixture of cut and strap shape when young and are perfect for baby greens or micro-greens. Mature plants perform well as a cut-and-come crop. Both heat and cold tolerant.

Grown as micro-greens in containers: sow seed thickly on top of soilless mix, press seed firmly and water gently. Water gently (or spray heavily) every day. Harvest when greens are 2 inches tall.

Planting time - when dange of frost has pst

Matures in - 40 days

Height - 15-18 inches

Germinates in - 4-10 days depending on the soil temperature.

Sowing Depth - 1/4 inch

Seed spacing - 12 inches

Thinning - for mature plants, thin to 12 inches apart in all directions. Eat your thinnings!

Net weight 340 MG