Cold Frames

Cold Frames

Cold Frames are perfect for getting a head start on the season and extending the season.

They keep the ground warmer in the early spring and late fall. The soil temperature is much more important than the air temperature for the plants.

Cold Frames can have a lot of uses and if utilized will be a very valuable asset. Use Cold Frames for hardening off plants in the early spring. This is important for plants that you have started indoors and are planting outside. Putting your plants in a Cold Frame for 2 weeks before planting will help them slowly adapt to the harsher conditions.

Propagation in the spring and summer can be easy with the Cold Frame creating a great environment for germination.

Growing cool season crops in the Cold Frame is another great way to get many greens and root crops late in the season. The benefits of Cold Frames are many, its beauty and ease of use are added benefits.

Cold Frame