CowPots 5 inch Square

CowPots 5 inch Square
Item# CP-5S00

Product Description

dimentions CowPots 5 inch Square
$.96 per pot. A Large CowPot for starting plants that will need to remain in the pot longer. You can start a wide variety of seeds in these CowPots early in the season and when the conditions are best for your plant, just put the pot and the plant into the ground. The thick walls of this manure based pot will degrade adding organic material to the soil and allow the roots of your plants to grow uninhibited.

It is also possible to start your herb seeds in these pots and grow them in your house all year round. Just make sure to water and fertilize the plants as needed. When you are done with the pot, simply throw the pot with any potting soil or plant material into your compost pile. No more throwing away plastic pots!

Starting your vegetable seeds in this CowPot will also allow the plant to grow and establish itself so transplanting will be much easier. The plant will transplant into your garden with ease as there will be no need to disturb the roots allowing your vegetables to grow freely and give you the fruits of your labor fast!