Seeds for Cats!

Seeds for Cats!

Do you love your cat?

These seeds are can be grown by you for your cat. The Online Greenhouse is your source for a variety of garden supplies! Start your seeds with only the finest New England seed starting supplies.

It is difficult to know what garden supplies will yield the best results for your growing adventures. You can feel confident in choosing from the wide variety of organic and sustainable gardening supplies from The Online Greenhouse whether its our wide variety of CowPots, organic potting soils and compost or the extensive collection of vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower and ornamental seeds and our heirloom vegetable and heirloom flower seeds. A large selection means you can find exactly what you need, greenhouse supplies for a professional grower, or garden supplies for the home gardener, we specialize in seed starting!
Hart Seeds
Here is how to grow these plants for your cats.
  1. Step 1: Fill a large CowPot, 5 inch to 7inch with the appropriate Vermont Compost potting soil.
  2. Step 2: Plant Hart Seed according to instructions on the seed packet.
  3. Step 3: Water and Fertilize as needed.
  4. Step 4: When the plant is big enough, present it to your cat and watch their eyes light up!
Now you can give your cats the happiness that they bring you! A great garden starts with only the best seeds, Plant Hart Seeds

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