Heritage Granny's Nightcap Mixed

Heritage Granny's Nightcap Mixed
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Granny’s Nightcap – Mixed Colors


Since the Middle Ages, the unusual shape of the flowers gave Aquilagia many common names. These nodding bell flowers have 5 spurs pointing upward, inviting Nana to put on her nightcap and slumber. This collection of two-toned hues was one of Grandma Hart’s favorites.

Large, long-spurred flowers in bright clear colors appear early in the summer the year after planting on 2 1/2 foot tall stems. Grows well in any good, well drained soil in full sun or partial shade. A perennial which may also self-seed if pods are left in place.

Sow Seeds outdoors in late spring after danger of frost is past. Press seeds into soil, covering seed lightly. When plants are large enough to handle, thin or transplant to stand not less than 2 feet apart for best bloom.

Germinates in 3 to 4 weeks.

Net weight 250 MG (Estimated 220 seeds)