Heirloom Seeds

Heirloom Seeds

Hart Seed Heirloom varieties are full of history!

The varieties are like antiques in the plant world, old varieties that have been grow for their outstanding traits. The Packets themselves are beautiful as they are based on packets the Hart Seed Company used circa 1902. All of the Hart Seeds in this catalog are No GMO, untreated seeds. Growing these heirlooms along with all the great supplies from The Online Greenhouse will make gardening very rewarding! Heirloom seeds have been grown and selected from generation to generation for their excellent characteristics. Some people like them for the nostalgia of growing them. Others like the time tested taste or admiring their beauty. The requirements for heirlooms are not well defined, Some say anything with grown before 1951 and some think that it should be varieties that have been grown before 1920 in the age of victory gardens. The history of these plants is important for gardeners of all ages!

The other standard is that the plants must be open pollinated. Open pollination is when the plant is pollinated by means of natural causes such as wind, insects and even birds. This helps keep the plants true to type, meaning the seeds will grow plants very similar to their parent plant. Heirlooms are a must for any gardener and are fun to grow!

You can feel confident in choosing from the wide variety of organic and sustainable gardening supplies from The Online Greenhouse whether its our wide variety of CowPots, organic potting soils and compost or the extensive collection of vegetable seeds, herb seeds, flower seeds and our heirloom vegetable and heirloom flower seeds.

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