Herb Minder of Maine

Herb Minder of Maine
This fertilizer is easily utilized, it brews like tea and is a great way to add nutrients to your soil. It is a blend of 21 herbs, Kelp meal, and greensand. This fertilizer supplies a 3 - 1.5 - 2 as well as 32 micro-nutrients.

One PlantPepTM brew bag makes two gallons of liquid fertilizer for your garden. You can make another two-gallon brew with the same bag. After use, open the tea bag and spread the herbs around your outdoor garden plants or add the brew bag to you compost. Use PlanPepTM as a concentrate (see below) on houseplants or ailing plants.

Pour four cups of hot water over one brew bag

Let steep overnight or until the brew is cool and the color is dark brown. You now have a concentrate.

After steeping, PlantPepTM is applied either diluted or full-strength, based on the need of the plant(s). See further instructions by plant type below.

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